We are Rein Coquette, Inc

celebrating the timeless, conscious beauty practices of people around the world


our story

We all wake up each day, and begin the process of exposing the most honest versions of ourselves to the world. A huge part of that honesty is knowing who you are and where you are from. As part of this journey, our founders visited their native Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 for the first time in 23 years.

As they explored, they saw many men and women who looked like them, had hair like them, and felt connections they had no idea existed. As they spoke to people, they were asked many questions, but one truly surprised them. “What do you use in your hair?” They quickly realized all of these people were trying to achieve similar goals of exposing their beauty more naturally, but didn’t always have the access, information, or resources to do so.

After visiting some of the local beauty supply stores it became very apparent why they were asking; there was a very limited selection of naturally derived products and those that did exist were small batch with narrow distribution.

On the flight back to New York the sisters had a flurry of thoughts as to how they could help not only brands in Trinidad but brands all over the world that were using local ingredients to create natural skin and hair care products.

Inspired by the ingenuity of the local creators, they founded Rein Coquette intent on sharing these naturally created treasures with the world.

Their goal: help local entrepreneurs to break through to the global marketplace, connecting people all over the world with brands they can trust.

Welcome to Rein Coquette, the home of Rein Coquette Consulting and Coup de Coiff, a community that embraces timeless, conscious, beauty for everyone.