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Senior Leadership

Our team is the perfect balance between science and strategy, which enables us to better understand the consumer and a beauty brand’s needs, while helping them to create effective, natural beauty brands the world will love.


Fawziyya Sugai
Co-Founder & Strategy Lead


Kawthar Muhammad
Co-Founder & Research Lead


Fawziyya Sugai is a Global Merchandising and Planning Executive with a 12+ year record of delivering consistent profitability and product improvements while keeping the customer first. She is a hands-on leader who believes in constant learning and is willing to take risks. Her expertise is in strategic product development, inventory management and forecasting. Her passion is to create high-quality products that enhance the lives and experiences of consumers.

Her experience ranges from indie start-ups like Ame & Lulu and Roberta Freymann, to larger brands like Ralph Lauren and Stuart Weitzman. Over the course of her career she has worked in planning, merchandising, sales, finance, production and buying. This well-rounded experience gave her the foundation needed to launch her own brands focused on wellness. In 2014 she launched Coup de Coiff with her sister, Kawthar Muhammad. Coup de Coiff is a clean beauty discovery site. In October 2018 she launched, Gwell, a wellness brand that creates artisanal plant-based confections.  

Her prior experience includes leadership development programs for high-school students, corporate mentorship programs, guest lectures at Parsons and Kent State, and 1:1 career  & resume coaching.

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Kawthar Muhammad is an Epidemiologist and Biostatistician with 15+ years of research experience in both the academic and private sectors. She is known as the “jack of all trades” as she has yet to find a skill she can not master. This has been the key to her success as she is adept at finding the holes in a system and either personally developing the expertise to fill that hole or recruiting the talent needed to ensure the success of a project.

It was the identification of a “hole” or need in the global clean beauty industry that led her to launch Coup de Coiff with her sister, Fawziyya Sugai in 2014. Coup de Coiff is a clean beauty discovery site. At Rein Coquette Consulting she draws on her many years of research experience, particularly at Rabin Martin, a global health strategy firm, and Columbia University to develop our core research offerings.

Her prior experience includes helping non-profits develop and evaluate their strategies to enhance their impact in the communities they serve. Most recently she worked with Roots of Health/Ugat ng Kalusugan in Palawan, Philippines.

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