Small Business Tools for Getting Started

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Building Blocks to funding your beauty business

All businesses start somewhere, whether it ia with your last $100 or with a $1M investment. The most important factor is understanding what you need, how you plan to get there, and what you will do with the money once you do. We know this sounds like a lot, but the reality is, running a business is thoughtful work. In order to make this easier, we created a simple template to structure your thoughts and guide you through the beginning of the process. Click here to access it and download a copy of your own.

We also suggest reading our blog post that walks you through each of the 5 steps and answers any questions you many have.

5 Building Blocks to Financing Beauty


Managing your online presence and social media

Creating your online presence can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! These are our favorite tools to optimize your presence online efficiently.

Planoly enables you to plan your instagram feed and stories, review your performance analytics, and can post directly to your feed for you!

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a variety of tools from stock images to photo editing that, with a bit of practice, are powerful tools for mobile and PC.

Canva is perfect for the design novice, with a tight budget who wants to improve her branding. They have ready-to-use templates for almost any business need.

We will be sharing more on how to use all of these tools. In the meantime, feel free to dive in!



Let’s face it, without a website, your business does not exist. There are many resources to get started and some are easier than others. While we do believe it is important to understand how you want to scale your business as you select the platform and host, we also believe in learning as you go. That’s why we recommend starting with Squarespace. Through our site we can offer an extended trial period for you to better understand your capabilities, Squarespace capabilities, and give yourself a jumpstart. We offer extended services for Squarespace site setup that we can also discuss in our free introductory consultation. If you are ready to jump right in, follow the link below!


schedule appointments easily

The one thing entrepreneurs don’t have is time! That’s why it is easier to let online tools do the scheduling for you. Some tools integrate with your existing online calendars to seamlessly schedule time when you are available. Others come with video conferencing features as well. Here is one option we use to offer the best service to our clients.